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Ramadan 2024:  Praying for Turkey (March 10-April 9th)  

During Ramadan this year, the weekly prayer points sent out to our Pray4Turkey Community will center on these themes found in the book of Acts:  


We'll be praying together for a move of His Spirit to sweep across this land, for laborers to be sent out, for entire households to come to faith, and for His Church to multiply in this land!


Here are some ways to join in:

Lead a prayer group: Gather a group (online or in person) to pray together weekly during the month of Ramadan, using our Prayer Facilitation Plans:​

Fast with us: Every Tuesday during Ramadan we want to fast together and agree in prayer for the theme of that week. Sign up to fast

Pray daily: Download the Ramadan Prayer Calendar to join in praying for specific requests each day during this month. 

Invite Others: Take a moment to ask God which individuals or networks you can invite to join the Pray4Turkey community as we cover Turkey in prayer during this month of Ramadan. 

In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.

Acts 19:20


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